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Erectile dysfunction

and caverno-venous

leak disease

If the veins can’t keep

blood there during an

erection, you'll lose it.

This is called venous



Signs related to venous leakage


  • Non-persistent erection even when masturbating 

  • A loss of morning erections 

  • A loss of spontaneous erections


The choice of operation offered should be decided on available wisdom and infrastructure, the experience and preference of the operating surgeon, and the basis of the site, nature, and size of the leak.
It can be worrisome, but there are ways that it can be treated.  A short-term success rate of about 80% and long-term success in 73,7%.


If the veins do not constrict enough, blood will “leak” back into the body, softening the erection. Many men with this type of ED find that they can get a firm erection at first, but gradually lose the firmness.


Venous leak is often a cause of ED in younger men.


To diagnose venous leakage, a doctor might conduct the following tests:
• Doppler ultrasound.  This procedure uses sound waves to show how blood is flowing in and out of the penis.


Treatments for ED due to venous leakage can vary. Some men have success with oral ED medications, but there are other options, including vacuum devices, self-injections, urethral suppositories, psycho-sexual treatments, and penile implants.


Average length of stay ın Istanbul

3 days

Length of stay in hospital

1 day


2 hours General Anesthesia


After 4 days

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 2019- The New York Times
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" Weight-Loss Surgery Better Than Diet and Exercise in Treating Type 2 Diabetes, Study Finds"
2019- Wall Street Journal

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