Buried Penis in Adults

A buried penis refers to a

normal sized phallus

encompassed by either

skin, subcutaneous tissue

and/or fat in the

prepubic area.




The scrotum is the sac of skin that surrounds the testicles. The penis is usually of normal length and function, but it’s hidden. Obesity is thought to play  primary role in the development of buried penis in adults. Increases in weight have several effects on the penis and prepubic space. As subcutaneous adipose tissue increases, the penis (which is tethered to the pubis by the suspensory ligaments) loses subjective length. Increased fat can also lead to an enlarging mons, which overhangs the penis

The condition can be caused by:

Excess fat
Problems with ligaments
complications after a circumcision

Due to reduced visible and functional length of phallus, this condition is often associated with patient dissatisfaction related to cosmetic, hygienic, voiding, and sexual dysfunction. Additionally, a buried penis often limits penetrative sexual intercourse. Buried penis can also cause embarrassment and psychological harm. 
It’s usually treatable with surgery. Surgical reconstruction comprises:

1. Take down of phimosis, including exposure of the penile shaft
and removal of adhesions
2. Lipectomy of the mons, including tacking the mons to the
3. Scrotoplasty
4. Coverage of shaft, with skin graft if necessary


Average length of stay ın Istanbul

7 days

Length of stay in hospital

2 day


2-3 hour


After 3 weeks

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